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Dopolgy is a brand working to influence more people to adapt green living. We promote and sell eco-friendly products. All it needs is one small change to make huge difference.

"I've been using the charcoal bamboo toothbrush for a few months now, it's genuinely a great alternative to the regular plastic toothbrush. I've also used the newspaper seed pencils and they've got a good feel to them they are of great quality".
Navaneet B

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The Better India

Bengaluru Couple Recycles 6,000 Newspapers Into 10,000 Pencils That Do Our Planet a Big Favour!


Did you know 8 million trees are cut every year to make 20 billion pencils worldwide? Now think of the happy implications if all those waste newspapers could be repurposed into eco-friendly pencils that don’t break.


This Bengaluru couple is helping us go plastic-free one pencil at a time. Here's how

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